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About Infertility Couples Association

Who We Are:

Infertility Couples Association was developed by Jack and Leisha Greefkes who have experienced infertility for over 10 years and understand the pain and emotions that couples face while trying to conceive.

The purpose of Infertility Couples Association is to provide the highest quality of information and support possible.  We care about infertility issues and we want to make sure that YOU understand infertility and its related conditions.

It is our goal to provide accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information on the subjects of infertility and pregnancy for couples who are experiencing difficulty in having a child.  Our personal hope is that couples trying to get pregnant can share their insights and learn from others.

Over time we will be adding additional information to expand the site even more.  Our readers and members opinions are important to us! We want to make sure you are aware that infertility is a disease and you are not alone!!  If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please go to our Contact Us page and complete our contact form.

Infertility Couples Association is unable to provide answers to medically related questions or other medical advice via e-mail.  Please consult a professional physician for medical advice.